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LEEGENCO CO., LTD http://www.leegenco.com/eng/index.html
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We, Leegenco, as one of the sustainable companies in Korea would like to evolve into competitive company in worldwide with its accumulated technology in installation and commissioning for generator, gas-turbine, steam-turbine, gas-engine, CTTS, duel-fuel system, system panel, load bank, HMI and governor With our core value in technology and in meeting the need for growing energy demand in worldwide, we would like to be a competitive enterprise by participating in the field of solar power, hydro power, biomass power and waste to energy system.
KEPCO KPS http://www.kps.co.kr/eng/index.do
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KEPCO KPS is a public corporation providing a total plant solutions, including plant facility diagnosis and performance improvement, O&M at home and abroad, newable EPC, industrial facilities, and power transmission and substations.
Doosan Enerbility http://www.doosanenerbility.com/en
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Over the past 60 years, we have contributed to the country’s economic growth by participating in the local manufacturing and overseas export business of industrial plants, including power plants, desalination plants, castings & forgings and construction work. We were able to establish a solid global reputation for Korea by applying our technical expertise and know-how to plants around the world.
Korea Western Power Co., Ltd.(KOWEPO) http://www.iwest.co.kr/eng/index.do
Korea Western Power Co., Ltd.(KOWEPO), a leading supplier and innovator in the 21st century Korean power industry, started its power business in April 2001. KOWEPO takes up approximately 8.5% of the national generating capacity mostly comprised of thermal and combined cycle. KOWEPO was initiated in separation from Korea Electric Power Corporation under the Korea Power Industry Restructuring Act. KOWEPO is now in the process of deregulation and privatization process.
Daewoo E&C http://www.daewooenc.com/eng
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Daewoo E&C, which has been a leader in the construction industry in South Korea, is realizing the best value for its customers through its dedication to constant challenges and passion, change and innovation based on the best technology and quality.
KEPCO E&C http://www.kepco-enc.com/eng/index.do
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For the past 46 years, KEPCO E&C has established itself as a leader in the energy industry by not only achieving self-reliance in energy technology but also solidifying its position in overseas markets such as the nuclear power project in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
We will create a dignified future for KEPCO E&C based on understanding and empathy from our employees
UN CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD http://www.unconstruction.kr/skin1/index.php
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UN Construction aims to be the best in all areas, including construction and design of civil engineering, marine-related construction, plant construction and civil construction, and continues to grow as a company that develops and leads new technologies. We have the best competitiveness in the civil engineering sector such as port facilities, as well as the construction and plant sectors.