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 Bataan LNG Powerplant Consortium!!!


The Bataan LNG Powerplant Consortium(hereinafter referred to as BLPC) is set up in order to set up the 750MW LNG Powerplants in Bataan of the Philippines.


Most of the countries in the world have tried to lessen the carbon emissions by using the Nature-friendly fuels, one of which is LNG. So they have substituted the LNG Powerplants for the coal power plant. And now that we can expect that the Philippines will let LNG Powerplants set up in terms of environment, we have suggested to some of our Philippine Friends that we should help it to set up LNG Powerplants in the Philippines.


And we will repay our debts to the Philippines which sent its soldiers to Korea fastest in Asia to help us to protect our democracy and lives by joining the National Construction of the Philippines because we have the high technologies to do it.


We will try our best to help the Philippines to get back its previous glory and reputation that the Philippines was one of the strongest countries in the world. We will let the Philippine Companies learn and get the high technologies from the Korean companies by asking them to pass on the technologies and skills to the Philippine Companies.


We, as the leading company of all of the members of BLPC, are very deeply thankful to the Philippine government, the related officials and the related people and we would like to express our gratitude to all of the companies and the partners which decide to participate in the Bataan LNG Powerplant Consortium.


Thank you so much.